10 Ideas for Using Leftover Fabric Scraps

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three blind wives

I kept fabric scraps, even the really small pieces (like 1″ x 3″) forever before I figured out what to do with them. A couple of years ago, my husband finally said, “Why don’t you get rid of that stuff? You never use it.” Of course I, being contrary as I am, took that as a challenge. Since then, I’ve found plenty of uses for my leftover fabric, and now he can’t say boo to me about it.

1. Make a little girl’s pillowcase dress.

I had all of these 11″ x 11″ sample pieces of linen (like 40 of them). They sat in my fabric stash for a good 4 years before I did anything with them. When I saw the pillowcase dress that Charlie made for her daughter, I knew I had to make one for my baby niece. I based it off of this tutorial, but…

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