DIY: Criss Cross Canvas Painting

drink the day

The temperatures were in the low 80’s; I had leftover birthday sangria, a few free afternoon hours, and a blank canvas. Spoiler alert to Chas and Arielle (friends of ours who just bought a new house) – You’re probably getting this painting as a housewarming present. “The painting was a gift Todd, I’m taking it with me.” 

In all honesty, I stole this concept from Tim’s younger siblings, who completed this type of painting a few weeks ago for a homeschooling project. If a 5-year-old can do it, so can you!

DIY: Criss Cross Canvas Painting

Painter’s tape
Acrylic paint

First, use the painter’s tape to create abstract shapes on the canvas. You’ll end up with a pretty cool design – but make sure you tape all the way past the edge and up underneath the canvas! The sides are going to be painted too.

DIY: Criss Cross Canvas Painting

Get your paint ready and begin by…

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