DIY: T-Shirt Blanket

When I was a drill instructor for Navy Officer Candidates School, I collected a lot of graduation t-shirts. Now I am looking for a way to display them. Found it…

The Shweet Design

Are you like me where you have so many T-shirts you just don’t know what to do with them?  Or perhaps they all share some special importance to you that prevents you from donating them?  Well, welcome to the club.  I realized that most of my T-shirts were from my high school days, and they were starting to wear out, but the last thing I wanted to do was throw them out!  So what do you do?  I decided to make a T-shirt Blanket!

This craft is very personal and gives your shirts a new purpose rather than just sitting in your closet.  I thought long and hard about my blanket, and each one is different.  I knew I wanted a large blanket, almost comforter, for my Queen bed.  Here is a chart for all types of bed sizes for mattresses, sheets and comforters for your reference.  I had…

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