Incoming from the Netherlands and the USA

I love simple!

The simple joys of life

With spring keeping me busy( yardwork, housework, enjoying the sunshine and caring for a puppy-on-the-mend), I’ve had little time to devote to snail mail. Thus, the lack of snailmail posts ( and the lack of posts, period!). My mailbox had been having a slightly drier spell anyways, but Friday brought with it a nice of bright mail from Kate in the Netherlands. As per her quirky self she used some Halloween and Christmas stationery for her mail tags which she then joked about. She always has something funny to say! 🙂 It was wonderful to hear from her in a nice long letter and hear about how she is adjusting to life in NL.


I had the whole weekend to reply to her letter and on Monday, I received a letter from Jaclyn in Tennessee. I was really excited when I found the envelope was stuffed to the brim and had…

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