Paper Work

This is so true… but somehow I get some joy out of paper… I can’t explain it!

DIY with Kathy!


Whoever invented paperwork should be shot. Every month at least one  whole day is wasted filing out paperwork – there are bills to pay, accounting books to keep, paperwork to be filled out and sent away, appointments to make, and entry logs to be filled out.

Computers are supposed to make things easier but even they need to be updated, scanned for virus,etc, and files cleaned up and organized on a regular basic.All this can easily take a whole day to complete and if you have a super slow internet connection or computer it can take even longer.


I use both computer and old-fashion paper for my records – mainly because I get impatience with waiting for the computer to fire up and with paper I can work on the run. That was a good thing  because today I got a lot done riding “shotgun” to Franklin. We had a…

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