I have traveled throughout this world for the love of God, Corps and Country. Being in the military for over 27 years has brought a life of travel. I have been to Japan, Korea, The Bahamas, Dominica, Jamaica, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I have stopped through Guam, Germany, Ireland, and Turkey. I have lived in and visited many states within these United States, specifically, Arkansas, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee, Maryland, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and Colorado.

Throughout my travel by plane, train, and automobile, I have seen and done many things. Surviving many different languages and cultures, I feel full of life. After joining the Marine Corps, I developed this anything attitude. It seemed like everything moved out of my way. I became tied to greatness through volunteerism, sacrifice, service, commitment, and mentorship. I found myself bound together in a way visible to the eye.

I have lived my life embracing my differences and took a special interest in using my strengths to develop my weaknesses into strengths. I have and will always be searching for knowledge and understanding to further develop my beautiful mind. I realize that intelligence plus character is the true goal of education (MLK), therefore, I will continue to be learn and educate myself in every area and all new knowledge to stir my mind. I will rely on humbleness, grace, motivation, and spirit to guide my direction. Realizing that I need knowledge and continuous learning to direct my path in new directions. I know that it is not a failure to not know, it is a failure not to find out.

I understand that my character is how others see me. I also know that I love my imperfections…

I am glad

I am

Who I am

And I am exactly

Who I am supposed to be

I am who

I am

Because GOD designed me the way that I am

I love my imperfections…



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